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Trail Mix has started construction of the NEW Hymasa trail and its going to be great!

Dodging snow storms.

Dodging snow storms.

The Hymasa Trail is a route designed to help bypass much of the Amasa Back jeep road climb. This trail will make the Amasa Back climb more friendly to mountain bikers as well as help to separate motorized and non motorized usage. The trail will have a short section at the beginning of Amasa Back that will provide an alternative line to bypass the ledgy entry down to the existing creek crossing. This will also be a rideable route back out from the creek crossing to Kane Creek Road. Once across the creek, riders will follow the existing Amasa Back jeep route for a half mile to the start of the Hymasa Trail. From this point the trail will continue for 2.5 miles as a separate single track that crosses the jeep route 3 times until it reaches the entrance to the Upper Captain Ahab Trail. Hymasa will be a 2 way trail and provide a slightly easier way back down Amasa Back for those not up to the challenge of the double black diamond rating of Captain Ahab or the ledgy Amasa Back road.

Hymasa provides some great connectors that work with the Captain Ahab trail and the Amasa Back Jeep route. For riders who choose to ride only the lower portion or do laps on lower Captain Ahab Hymasa will provide a faster more direct route and will make the loop almost entirely single track. For riders coming back from the Potash View Point or PotHole Arch there is now a Upper Captain Ahab bypass option that takes you straight to the midpoint of the Captain Ahab trail.

The Hymasa Trail is scheduled for completion March 1st just in time for our spring season.

If interested in volunteering for trail work on Hymasa please contact Grand County Trail Mix:  MoabTrailMixinfo@gmail.com .



Super human trail building!

Super human trail building!

Hymasa proposed route.

Hymasa proposed route.


What about the name?

The unique name Hymasa is actually a tribute to a local legend named Jonny Hymas who tragically died in a car accident in 2012. Jonny Hymas was a big part of the Moab cycling community and an inspiration to us all. He taught an after school kids MTB skills class for years, he turned his backyard into a dirt jump north shore park, he had only one eye and yet was one of the fastest riders in Moab (try closing an eye on your next ride). He was an inspiration to us all and deserves to be honored.


Map provided by Grand County Trail Mix

Photo Credit: Tyson Swasey