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Hello from Moab Mountain Bike Association! We’ve taken a few years off but with some new blood we have rebooted the old website and will be keeping you up to date on Moab happenings through the year to come.

Although MoabMBA has been slacking in the update department we have not stopped working on trails in Moab. MoabMBA has helped organize multiple overnight work parties with the local Forest Service in the Lasal Mtns, working on the Jimmy Keen Trail and in the Lasal Pass area. MoabMBA has continued to work with the city of Moab to insure the Dirt Jumps at Anonymous Park remain safe and in good shape, and coming in 2018 we will have permanent bathrooms at Annonymous Dirt Jump park. Yay no more peeing in the bushes! The neighbors are pleased to hear this!

Other Moab Trail updates….

Moab Trail Mix has continued to charge with trail projects, future planning, and maintenance on the almost 150 miles of single track trails in the area. 2018 brings new faces to the front of Moab Trail Mix. Maddie Logowitz is taking the helm as the Trail Mix Coordinator and Tyson Swasey is moving into a new position as Mountain Bike Trails Manager. These two new positions have been created to replace Geoff and Sandy Freethey who left Trail Mix last year leaving some big shoes to fill. Scott Escott, who has been the Trails Coordinator has concocted and filled these new positions and will assist in the transition over the next two years.
Maddie Logowitz has worked for Trail Mix since 2016 and has moved over from the local USGS office were she resided as the Bio Crust Queen, working primarily on sciencey soil stuff. Her background working wth government agencies, knowledge of the local area, and brains make her a great fit for Trails Coordinator. Maddie will focus on writing proposals for new trails, working in the field on new projects as well as trail maintenance and expanding Trail Mix’s trail impact by working with the hiking, climbing and equestrian community on new and exciting projects.
Tyson Swasey was born in Moab and has called it home almost most of his life. He has worked for Trail Mix off and on since 2012. He’s most successful collaboration projects have been Captain Ahab, Hymasa, and the Goldbar Rim Singletrack rebuild. He is returning from two years working with IMBA Trail Solutions building and designing trails across the country. His experience and knowledge with building and designing trails, as well as a national view of how local organizations function bring new ideas and experience to expand on the already hugely successful Moab Trail Mix.
So whats happening this year in Moab? New bathrooms at the Moab Anonymous Jump Park, Trail Mix will be continuing thier maintenance work on non motorized trails in the Moab area and exploration for new trail prospects. With an agreement with the Manti Lasal Forest Service Trail Mix and MoabMBA will both be assisting on maintenance on the Whole Enchilada as this trail is being loved to death. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for Moab trails!

One Response to Its 2018 and MMBA’s back!

  • Sharon Hogan says:

    Great update Tyson. Good to see this website rocking and rolling again. Lots to talk about with so much going on. Thanks!