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Ok this time the trails really are starting to dry up. Last week we got an awesome February rain storm that put the snow melt into overdrive!


The Good:

Amasa Back area is great right now. Including Captain Ahab, Pothole, and Rockstacker. We would recommend staying away from Jackson Trail for another week or so.

Mag 7 central trails are in great shape. A little soft but mud free. The upper section, Bull Run has patches of mud but nothing to shy from. The lower Gemini Bridges Road is still messy so drive in from the top and park at the Bull Run trail head, or drive down to the Arths/Great Escape trail heads and out and back trails from there.

Slickrock is free of snow and ice.

Poison Spider Mesa is snow and mud free. May be a little soft and sandy but its the best time of year to ride this trail because its not overrun by OHV traffic. Out and back or go down the Portal trail.

Sovereign Trail out and back only. NO Salt Wash trail.


The Bad:

Salt Wash (Sovereign Trail system)

Klondike Bluffs still has some mud on north slopes. EKG and Dinoflow are ok and the main Klondike jeep road are clear however Megasteps and Alaska still have some muck . Please avoid these trails for this Presidents day weekend.

PipeDream trail. Its deep mud!

Porcupine Rim is still in snow and no good.

BAR M! this area still has patches of mud and is not recommended.

Konzo. Mucky mucky destroy your bike!


The Ugly!



Please!! Please!! don’t do this. If you come to a section of trail that has mud please walk through it, turn around or just ride through it. Please DO NOT ride off trail to avoid it. Grand County Trail Mix will have to spend precious trail builder time to re-veg this whole area and re-line the trail. If your tires are sinking in its a good sign that the trail is not ready. Plus our sand and clay mixture will destroy your bike. And the trail gods will smite you! With a bolt of lightning, or a shovel!


Been out there exploring? Have more trail condition info? Let MoabMBA know!